Take the complexity out of knowing exactly what to do to achieve greater levels of energy and health while fortifying yourself against injury and illness.

The FPR Longevity Coaching Program offers a 12 session
coaching framework to help you gain the advantage of thinking, feeling and performing at your best throughout life.

Today, many people are talking about extending their lifespan. Some are also talking about extending their health span which is often defined as how many years you live without disease. At FPR Longevity, our focus is on something we call PerformanceSpan – which is how many years you can achieve thinking, feeling, and performing at your very best.

Our coaching program offers a unique, personalized, and comprehensive approach to achieving superior health by taking all the guess work out of what you need to be doing. Our science-based approach offers practical solutions that can have a profound impact.

FPR Longevity Coaching helps you master the four pillars of PerformanceSpan: Mindset, Movement, Metabolism, and Meaning.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at how to achieve better health with greater energy and resistance to injury?

THE FPR Longevity Coaching Framework was developed by Dr. Kevin Jardine.

Dr. Jardine is a recognized leader in the field of high-performance development, physical medicine, and nutrition. He has decades of experience working with some of the world’s top performers, teams, and Olympians, while also having the honour of teaching in over 50 countries.

Dr. Jardine created Feeling Pretty Remarkable with the goal of helping as many people as he can live the healthiest, happiest, and highest performing lives possible. The FPR approach is grounded in science and based on principles that work with real
life challenges.

What would life be like if you consistently felt energized
and razor-sharp without nagging injuries slowing you down as you continue to perform above average physically, getting the praise and attention of those around you?